Did you know that in the face of uncertainty the world’s greatest leaders–like Branson, Musk and Oprah–have learned to eliminate 3 common behaviors that would limit their performance?

Learn their Hidden Pattern, Expand Your Thinking, and Amplify Your Decision-Making In Order to Survive and Thrive

Technology will advance, complexity will explode and business disruptions will speed forward but will you and your leadership? The brain for stable environments relies on a security pattern while the brain for unpredictable environments must shift.


Finally… You’ll be able to learn firsthand from a trusted mentor, advisor, coach, and pattern buster with over 3 decades of experience in coaching executives during career and leadership crises to become impact players and exceed all expectations!

From The Desk of a World-Renowned NeuroStrategist, best-selling author, and Silicon Valley Executive Coach: Steven Feinberg, PhD

One of my clients came to me saying he wanted an edge. He is a CEO and Founder in Silicon Valley who was really quite honest with himself, he had success, but he came to me with the explicit request:

enable him to unlock extreme success

In his words, he said, “Steven you’ve coached people in extreme environments to have peak performance. Things have changed, there is no denying the uncertainty we all face.”

Leaders are facing an unforgiving battlefield. Stable companies are now vulnerable. Uncertainty triggers every brain. What worked, won’t.

Ever play a game where someone disrupted the gameboard and all the pieces were tossed around. Today, the gameboard is wobbly.

The problem

Most of us push harder and use willpower to succeed. That worked in stable environments.  What makes this worse is your brain’s guidance system – if not reset – shuts down, gets stuck and limits your thinking, influencing and acting. Our judgment is hijacked by fear. And, of course, we don’t have enough time to think.

Why? To survive. To avoid losing status. We play small as a defensive move.

Most of us are doing this unwittingly, but it results in inadequate performance, delays in decisions and reduced outcomes.

We don’t realize we could be even more influential than we are already. Instead, our brain pushes harder and uses will power to double down on what worked but won’t now.

Einstellung effect

It’s not your fault. You think you are set up for optimal functioning and optimal solutions. Get good ideas, decide, implement. You never think a good idea will block a better idea. But brain research has shown that is exactly how you operate.  A good idea will block a better idea.

That leaves you stuck as challenges, disruption and uncertainty advance at unparalleled speed.

Sometimes what worked in the past, won’t work now, yet you keep repeating the pattern.

It’s hard to break the habit.  The truth is we are falling behind faster, our window for achievement is passing by, and playing catch up is an insufficient strategy.

Yet, the highest performers, the most influential, the wisest and boldest in the room are able to actually achieve what others say can’t be done.

But How?

— They realize they are playing a game and have discovered the hidden rule book.

— They’ve reset their brain’s guidance system to detect the critical patterns that resolve the uncertainty quicker.

— And they see the game through a model that enables them to predict the winning move that others don’t

If you are leading an organization, making progress, improvements, and influencing others, is your day job. You make hard decisions about cuts, budgets and investments. As well as implementing new products, hiring and letting people go, and resolving turf battles. Unproductive meetings are not only annoying they are a time waste.

Small minded, small picture thinking of collaborators was challenging enough, but now paired with instability and the speed of change you, the team and culture are getting pushed to get better, even faster and more often. The rules that worked are now derailing competent leaders. The right decision is harder to predict than ever before.

In the midst of the disruption, the biggest personal asset is your ability to make the right calls on the spot, faster. Today, to excel as a company you don’t just need marginal improvement you need the ability to transform.

Why do some companies and leaders have the edge and others don’t?

As a NeuroStrategist I worked with hundreds of top executives from companies like Apple, Google, and entrepreneurial businesses. and one thing determined if the pandemic turned into a crisis or an opportunity. It wasn’t the market or environment the company was in. Instead, it was the pattern busting ability of the leaders.

They are pattern busters.

All humans are pattern makers, but the good ones have developed unique insights. Once they detect the pattern, they take control.

Every day, if you are not pattern detecting at the highest level, confidently and fast enough you will cost the company millions, people will lose jobs and reputations are damaged, no matter how good your track record to date.

If your organization is driven to maintain the status quo – consciously or otherwise it is set up for a future of irrelevance, decline and shutdown.

In today’s business world, every new day needs to have mental vigilance. Executive must look for the edge and drive the change. Organizations that don’t have the leadership vigilance to spot early warning signs nor the capacity to drive change end up like Kodak and Blockbuster. In the past, pushing harder worked. The rules of the game have changed, so using willpower as your only response to the disruption is counterproductive.

Reading the situation and detect the pattern you are up against has become more imperative.

The road to hell is paved with mishandled interactions

Without understanding pattern busting you will make one of three errors

  1. Take action when you shouldn’t
  2. Not take action when you should
  3. Take the wrong action

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Discover The Secret Blueprint To change the game when facing threats

The highest danger point for an organization is disruptive change that leaders are not prepared to handle. To resolve this vulnerability you first turn to your brain, it’s the quickest, nearest and actually the only immediate place for needed, urgent answers. And what you find there will determine winning or losing.

Your brain is predominantly designed to resolve uncertainty.  Assumptions about uncertainty ultimately determine your outcomes, decisions, and successes or failure.

There is an epidemic failure in how leaders in most companies manage in uncertainty. Causing them to slow down, get stuck, stay within the status quo, and lose their status.

The point shouldn’t be in order to survive you must maintain the status quo … to not rock the boat…                      

The point should be to be to uncover your assumptions about uncertainty that determines your survivability and ultimate outcome.

For faster impact, exec’s need to get their teams to change the rules in their head – their assumptions – about the game they are playing.

Leaders who see the playing field they are on, and the game that is being played are ahead of the pack. But that isn’t enough because they may have accepted the existing status quo game. The winners must see the real game, and pattern bust the rule set they have about their decisions, negotiations, strategic influence and solving people issues.

Leaders increase their pattern busting ability during uncertainty not by assuming the status quo makes you safe but when they question the assumptions faster – the patterns that make up the rules of the game.

This translates into doubling your impact, getting everyone on the same page faster, making substantially better decisions, making the right next move more often as you

Gain real control by

  • Developing the ability to see the strategic game-board and game out the decision scenarios fast.
  • Reduce the effects of your reactive defensive brain patterns while interacting
  • Influence others with how the brain needs to be messaged, not by overpowering
  • Solve recurrent sticky people issues

Mastering this type of thinking and leadership skill will not only gain you the recognition you seek as an impact player, but will give you the freedom to design the type of life you want and become irreplaceable in your organization.

Some Good News for a Change

My name is Steven Feinberg, Ph.D. and at your level, impact is what matters. You don’t need academic and common coaching. And you definitely don’t need someone to hold your hand.

Those coaches are more focused on building rapport than actually helping you accelerate your success.

So NO, I’m not your typical run-of-the-mill academic and accountability “coach” that promises to “be your sounding board” parroting back what you already know.

Your Private Confidential Situation Room

You must have someone who has been in the room when high stakes, high intensity, real world judgments had to be made. A mentor and collaborator who walks their talk and has been tested under fire. A patterning expert who will free you from the mental bondage and status quo thinking that might be currently dimming your light.

You NEED a NeuroStrategist and codebreaker. Someone who can get behind your mental defense, anticipates and expands your thinking, strengthens your decision-making power, and enables you to be more influential in your messages.

Someone with over 3 decades of experience under their belt of helping execs and leaders pattern their brain to naturally make sound decisions under intense pressure by providing targeted shifts in your perception.

Studying psychology, structural dynamics, performance and applied neuroscience led to my lifelong career in Executive Coaching and High-Performance Team building for some of the sharpest, smartest brains and businesses in America.

I work with CEOs, senior executives, and business founders, from billion-dollar Corporate 500s to young and hungry entrepreneurial start-ups, across brands like Apple, Google, Oracle, , LinkedIn, Wells Fargo, Hitachi and Xero, ranked Number 1 innovation Start-up; to become game-changers and pattern-breakers. By their own numbers I have contributed over $200 million in economic value.

With years of Situation Room experience, I know what it takes to thrive in the world of high-pressure, high-stakes business. And from a first-hand experience, I’ve learned how to create 180° transformations, from rock-and-a-hard-place stalemates into high-velocity advancement – for both you and your teams.

Some examples of my client successes and perhaps your desire for yourself or your colleagues:

  • Provided guidance for executive to produce a 60%-unit cost reduction of data centers from $320million to $200 million over a 5-year period
  • Coaching a COO who was to about to quit because of continuous complaints (intimidating, non-collaborative, arrogant) about his behavior – and leave millions in his retirement – to having a profound game changing conversation with the CEO – that changed his behavior and the perception of him while securing his future.
  • Created cultural change of engineering department viewed as second tier into first class team.
  • Saved an exec who was failing and who had an HR investigation, into a highly valued leader; when he left five years later, the people who made the original complaint of being a bull-in-a-china shop asked him to bring them along to the new company!
  • CFO was going to be fired just before the IPO, he transformed from a situation with CEO insisting we must get rid of him and his dysfunctional conflict to him collaborating while yielding a higher valuation.
  • Coached the exec and team to implement a customer acquisition, retention, and growth program that generated a $4 million repeatable revenue boost to a company that had been losing customers daily.
  • Created an influence program that achieved a 33% response rate when the marketing department originally expected a 2% response to Fortune 100 C level executives, one month after 9-11 in the Financial District in New York City, when no one was supposed to buy.

Transformed a woman VP from second class player to a seat at the table invited by CEO. She shifted from 40% rejection of funding her strategic initiatives to 80% approval.

It has been an honor to receive numerous testimonials like this:

When the major alarm system goes red on NASA’s Space Shuttle…and it did…

I was ready because I was trained in the Shuttle simulator.

When the major alarm system goes red in your leadership …

and it will …

Steven prepares you with his scenario-gaming method.

He is your pilot for becoming a game changer.”

– Greg Johnson, Pilot Shuttle Spacecraft Endeavor, NASA, and aerospace exec.

Steven transformed the gameboard to bring in an additional $40 million dollars in an upside-down situation that had everyone’s brains stuck in defensive mode unable to see the opportunity; Steven helped us do the strategic math and spotted the unexpected solution.

— John Collins, VP Sales, HGST

Steven is like going to a surgeon, a specialist for a second opinion. He’ll quickly explain why an approach you were going to take is not going to get you the result, and worse will probably cause you harm and then he gives you the exact prescription to avoid dumb decisions and the guidance to make the right winning leadership move.

— Bill Fields, CEO, Packaging Results

The key to Steven being a great executive coach is that he provides the right ideas with impeccable timing to impact people and business results.

— Curtis Sasaki, VP Samsung

Steven is in the top 1% of executive coaches and organizational advisors in the country.

— Spencer Clarke, Chief Learning Officer, Cadence

What is NeuroStrategy Anyway?!

I grew up sleeping on a fire escape in NYC … how do you go from fire escape to NeuroStrategist? While on the fire-escape I used to look on the street and see that those who were surviving and winning would be asking a single question, the answer to which would change how they acted, made decisions and impacted their influence. The question was, “What’s the game?”

And to that inquiry, we must know the rules, driven by your brain.


Fast forward, I discovered your brain is wired to play, that your brain is set up for rewards for playing the game successfully and those who want to be the best set up a few things, differently.

The best realize we are playing a meta-game … the game of games in which there are deceptions, threats, rewards and rules of play. Those who want to be the best are playing to win the Real Game, to go beyond collaboration and to multiply the value and change the game.

NeuroStrategy is basically brains and games. Which means we will up your game and  brain to match the behavior and outcome you seek.


By efficiently unveiling the hidden forces that drive behavior. I’ve discovered the brain’s guidance system and how it gets upgraded to be an expectation defying, game-changing brain that does 3 things:

  1. See the game-board that others don’t see.
  2. Do what others say can’t be done.
  3. And persuade others to do and see what others say is unlikely.

This is about helping you strengthen not only your confidence to get through uncertain times but to gain real control by acquiring a meta-game mindset. The game of games to spot the next winning move.

  • It’s about maintaining your credibility and authority while keeping it from being damaged by failed leadership.
  • It’s about giving you the edge you need to stack the odds in your favor in order to thrive as a leader.
  • It’s about rewiring your subconscious mind to stay calm under time pressure and make smart decisions.
  • It’s about effectively mastering the ability to influence others naturally by how brains actually make decisions, not overpower them.
  • It’s about understanding the hidden forces and patterns that drive human behavior at the highest level; to be able to create superior outcomes in the face of real obstacles against you.

For most of my clients the game is on the line, yet don’t really know the game they are playing or how to win without creating enemies. Many people with actual enemies don’t know how to win without losing their integrity.

And most people don’t know how to upgrade their brain’s guidance system when facing uncertainty to increase your predictability, create novel winning insights, and meaningfully influence others faster.

Yes! I’d Love to work with you if it is right for both of us…

but I don’t work with everyone and you shouldn’t either…

This is not for everyone. But for a different reason than you might suspect.

To accomplish this transformation, to do what others say can’t be done, we will, together, need to

Think more deeply, intelligently, and profoundly

Influence and communicate more impactfully

And we do this to really enjoy your achievement.

Being a game changing leader is not a spectator sport. I love sports and deep game changing conversations; but getting on the court and having challenging conversations requires you to be willing to engage deeply, about what really matters to you. Willing to receive guidance and have enough repetitions and cycles of experience that your brain can be updated, or your brain will simply keep its current survival settings – especially in the face of uncertainty.

Brains only change when they need to, otherwise they prefer the existing way. Your brain is an energy miser and it won’t make shifts, real shifts to change the game unless you’re willing to endure some discomfit.

I’m not talking about aimless workaholic hard work for hard work sakes, but practicing so when the game is on the line, you are ready. It must matter to you to make the winning move. There has to be an urgent need to do something different.

There are two types of anxiety. Learning anxiety is the fear of trying something new; Survival anxiety is fear from realizing in order to survive you must change, do something different. My best clients have an urgent need to be the best.

As I’ve personally felt when looking for the next piece of the puzzle to perform at a higher level myself, “something has got to give.” I have to change my behavior, acquire an insight and tool that will make an immediate difference.

Your brain has acquired all your skill and performance by doing one thing. FOCUSING. This type of focusing is designed to trigger your brain’s success mechanism.  But that Focus comes with some agitation, at times confusion, to find the right next move to win the game. The joy of this level is what the best of the best are seeking.

So if you are willing to have a genuine conversation, and thinking more deeply, intelligently, profoundly is meaningful to you, are seeking more joy and fulfillment in your life, and you have that ‘something has got to give’ please do click the button below and answer a few selected questions to enable me to understand where you are in your leadership and the areas and patterns you may need to do something about so I can personalize a winning move action-plan for you.

You can jump over  and take a free 5 minute assessment to determine your current tendencies in relation to being a game changer.