Advantage-Makers at Homeland Security

The Advantage-Makers has advanced into a new sphere of influence. Homeland Security.

At a conference organized by the U.S. Department for Homeland Security last week in New York City, Sidique Wai, NYPD Director Community Relations, quoted from The Advantage-Makers in his presentation “Securing NYC through Community Relations and Partnerships.”
Sidique, himself, an Advantage-Maker, spotted an opportunity to encourage the distinguished audience to increase their advantage-making for the security of New York City and the country. Quoting from our conversation and book, he advised them to see what others don’t see by shifting to a powerful vantage point that Advantage-Makers  seek.
“Great leaders can see opportunities where others see problems…
influence outcomes where others are hopelessly stuck…
transform their obstacles into powerful advantages. 
They’ve learned to use levers of power that other executives don’t even know exist.”
Sidique’s presentation was well received with the Advantage-Maker statement setting the backdrop. I applaud Sidique’s penetrating insight and sound judgment to protect us.