Sagacity makes
the possible, probable.

“Are you wise or otherwise?” That was what we said on the streets of New York…most often when I was being otherwise. And so you learn early, quickly to have a BS detector. Over the years I developed something even more important for survival during disruptions. I developed a WD…a wisdom detector…to be wise rather than otherwise.  You have to develop this sense…a different sensibility than just a BS detector. This new sense is the nerve to be wise. It is what I call Sagacity.

It defeats the status quo and rewires you to be a game changer.

To change the game you need to build the nerve to call out the hidden enemy.

Sagacity is the periscope to
the future. It enables you
to see things that are otherwise out of sight.

Together, you and I will have game-changing conversations that transform your leadership, influence, power and impact…

A Game-Changing Story…

One of my engineering clients was skeptical of leaders in his company. He began nearly every complaint with, “The problem is…” He said, “They dismiss reality and that is BS.”  The more disruptions in the marketplace, the more he complained. I asked him how he thought they heard him. “Well, I keep repeating it, but they’re in denial about the problems.” He was right, but he was blind to what he could do about it aside from arguing more.

What he couldn’t see was the interpretation of his behavior. When I told him he was seen as a problem maker, not a problem solver, it stopped him in his tracks.

He realized his lens, his frame, and his message were counterproductive. We worked together (rewired him) to see what others don’t, do what others say can’t be done, and most importantly to be able to persuade others to see and do what they don’t think is possible.

Not only did they not get rid of him – which I found out they were contemplating – he was promoted into a VP position because he recoded his experience. He was rewired with the nerve to be wise, sagacity…

Sagacity is the
game-changing sense.

It’s different than your five senses.
It serves as a lens.

Without the sagacity lens you remain reactive, defensive, avoidant and your perspective is stuck on the status quo. You’ve heard it yourself, “sorry, it’s just not done that way”, with the unspoken, get back in your lane and stay there.The reactive sense subtracts from your pile of resources and limits your gains, like a thermostat sets the temperature no matter what you try. With the sagacity lens your vantage point is substantial different, you see a field of opportunity in the face of obstacles, and thus your sense of what is possible is different.

In the face of massive shifts and major disruption you need to advance, not just in your career or the way that you work, but in the speed in which you work.

Communication training, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, work/life balance and a resilient attitude will get you far, but not far enough. For that you need “Sagacity”.

Sagacity is:

  • The difference between those that retreat from the Shut Down Syndrome, and those that advance through adversity.
  • The difference between those that make incremental gains, and those that make massive wins.
  • The difference between those that have occasional flashes of brilliance, and those that posses game-changing judgment – from challenge to challenge.

Sagacity gives you:

  • The nerve to advance by increasing your confidence to meet pressure with calmness; competition with influence; and the expected with exceeding expectations.
  • The ability to approach the opposing forces in your head, and out in your world with penetrating insight, sound judgment and unflappable self-trust.

Sagacity is the bedrock of game-changing leadership, of powerful influence and the finely-tuned mindset behind Neurostrategy™.

Rewiring Teams

To find game-changing innovations, I asked team members at the world’s top company to make five simple shifts…

The management team was facing 10X workload increase without a corresponding increase in workforce. Time was crushing down on them.

The disruption required them to be game changers. I took them through the ‘5 shift exercise’. In about 15 minutes they discovered solutions to decrease stress by 60%, and increased saving $82,000/per month for 12 months. With increased efficiency and capacity solutions they cut time to get stuff done by two-thirds.

It did take a bit to explain the concept, 30 minutes and boom…

You must shift to make…

The Slow… Faster

The Complex… Simpler

The Hard… Easier

The Mundane… Engaging

The Expected… Multiply

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So ask yourself this:

Can I advance any further without developing my game-changing sensibility?