Do What Others Say Can’t Be Done: Play the Meta-Game

Book Sample: Do What Others Say Can't Be Done: Play the Meta-Game


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Learn How world class Leaders and Entrepreneurs Create the Exceptional.

The most influential leaders play what Dr. Feinberg calls the Meta-Game.
Confronted by uncertainty, great leaders adapt and win, not by willpower alone, but by first unlocking the hidden game of patterns.

But How? Leaders act as First Adapters to create the exceptional.
In this book acquire tools to elevate your thinking, accelerate your influence, and create game changing conversations.

Insights from execs, entrepreneurs, neuroscientists, spiritual teachers, and founders including an Astronaut, Apple CEO, NFL Pro, Consumer Hall of Fame winner, VC’s, Ambassador, Forbes millennial “30 under 30”, Chief of Police Safest City in America, Olympian, Teacher of the Year, and a Big Time Bookie.

Advanced Praise

“Steven creates a cornucopia of wisdom gathered from dozens who have achieved greatness. He distills it into digestible, actionable nuggets to propel you towards a life of success.”

“To be the Best in the world your brain must be set up to win. Steven’s approach shows you how. ”

“Steven breaks fresh ground: his practical toolset creates more clarity, certainty and is easy to apply.”

“Steven is the perfect tour guide to lead you through the ‘game of your life’ and be a winner.”

“Being a good leader is art, science, & magic. Steven helps you conjure up the Merlin within.”

“Everything has a pattern, even the most seemingly random events. So much of success in life comes down to how you interact with the patterns at play. Some people are oblivious to the patterns, others know about them but don’t know what they are, a few study them and unpack them so they can take advantage of them . . . and then there are the pattern masters, like Steven Feinberg, who see these patterns at each of the four levels of the games we all play.

You’ll be reading this book because you’re a forward- thinking leader. And as you navigate this seminal work from Steven, he will challenge you to create the exceptional . . . to be a First Adapter rather than a first adopter. More importantly, he’ll combine his unique blend of science, psychology, and strategy to show you how.”

“Steven’s been my coach, and through this groundbreaking book he can be your coach too. To be a game changer in any field, you need to be a First Adapter. First Adapters know what game they play—a small game, better game, or Meta-Game. They can make sense of the uncertainties, predict outcomes, and build their own Sense-Making Guidance System to become game changers in life. Now is the time to learn to be a First Adapter in life, and this book is here to guide and coach you.”

“For the first time, Dr. Feinberg unpacks how we make sense of the world. Our brains are sense-making machines that run on automatic pilots and factory settings. His book is the equivalent of a masterclass, a private session for Jedi apprentices with Yoda.”