Where cutting-edge brain science meets modern-day wisdom.

Combines 35 years of frontline experience with cutting-edge brain science and powerful psychological tools, techniques and strategies. Neurostrategy is an advanced strategic coaching system. It elegantly, rapidly and dramatically advances business leaders’ perception and interactions in their arena of power.

The Neurostrategy system provides insights on:

  • Unexpected patterns
    of influence

  • Unconsidered levers
    of power

  • Unconscious bias
    in your head

  • Unseen blind-spots in
    your environment

Unveil the hidden forces that drive behavior…

Develop leadership strategies using the science of sound judgment.

Penetrating insight to see what others don‘t, and do what others say can’t be done.

Outplay your competitors and create the biggest advantages possible.

“Neuro” shifts the Status Quo in your head to give you the mental advantage.

“Strategy” shifts the Status Quo in your arena of power to give you the strategic advantage.

And together, the whole game changes, inside and out, especially in your high leverage interactions.

Think of it like a powerful guidance system which seeks out and shifts The Shut Down Syndrome that’s keeping you locked inside a problem. Neurostrategy tools enable you to advance forward with speed, confidence and clarity – rather that falling backward or simply holding ground.

Based upon brain insights, interactional dynamics, and structural relationships that are translated into your everyday experience. Neurostrategy is the fastest way to gain insights and solutions to unexpected patterns of influence, unconsidered levers of power, and unseen blind-spots in your head and out in your wider world.

And once there, it gives you tools and techniques from the “Shift Toolkit” to keep you on target, with advancements that hold firm under pressure.

What clients say about their transformation…

Neurostrategy explains the why…

“Steven’s work has basis in real science. It’s not BS. He knows how people work.”

Neurostrategy is based in science…

“Steven shows clients how the brain works, and how a new way of looking at the situation will affect change.”

Neurostrategy gives you cognitive tools…

“Steven reaches inside your head cracks the mindcode so that you can get into that higher perspective and make that higher choice. He can do it in 15 minutes.”

Neurostrategy solves longstanding problems rapidly…

“Steven’s work doesn’t end at the solution. He give you tools to solve your problems now, as well as in the future. Tools you can share with teammates and family.”

So ask yourself this:

Am I prepared to deal with the disruption in my arena of power?