Speaking Engagements

Steven will bring an impactful experience with actionable brain insight to your event.

I generally deliver three  types of speeches based on your organization’s needs…

  1. Workshops for senior executive teams
  2. Keynotes
  3. Speeches for business units, departments),and non-profits as well (yes, there are advantage-making strategies in the non-profit arena as well.)

My objective is to deliver a memorable and impactful learning experience to your team, with an optimistic point of view. My goal is to leave your team with clear, actionable, advantage-making counsel.

The Neurostrategy methodology  is designed to stack the deck in your favor. Disadvantages are for your competitors: not for you.All speeches and workshops are constructed to offer you practical and profitable courses of action.

Contact me at 650-852-0574 to discuss how my speaking can impact your team.

I offer insights in the following areas under the broader topic of “Neurostrategy.”

  • Sagacity: The Sense-Making Ability
    of the Game Changer

  • The Shut Down Syndrome: Defeating the Number One Leadership Enemy

  • The 8 Second Neurostrategy Workshop: OPEN FAST

  • The Code: Are you an Advantage-Maker?

  • Snatching Victory from the Laws of Defeat

  • The Road to Hell is Paved with Mishandled Interactions: different road, better destination

  • The Advantage-Making Brain: the levers of power

  • Structure Shapes Behavior: an executives guide to the invisible forces that drive behavior

Sample Videos

The Advantage Makers

Advantage Makers are leaders who see what others miss.

 The Advantage Makers – Overcome Constraints

Advantage Makers overcome constraints. Instead of being bewildered by obstacles, they find ways to overcome them.

The Advantage Makers – Baseball Analogy

Steven Feinberg’s anecdote about baseball, little league, and hitting.

Attendee Feedback

A business unit team responds to the ideas from Steven Feinberg’s workshop on Advantage Making as a Strategy.

How is this different?

Steven is the first strategic advisor to combine leadership efficacy with the behavioral and brain sciences. These are not random claims, but the hard science and case examples of real world leadership shifts that lead to organizational, strategic and business results. Few, if any, have engaged in this rare, exclusive integration of unique behavioral science knowledge with methodologies from the world’s foremost authorities on leadership, influence, change, collaboration, and organizational performance. Steven has translated this body of work, as well as added some original insights, into immediately usable tools that enable pivotal changes, performance improvement and profitable application.