What are the differences you should care about?

As the only Neurostrategy executive coaching firm, rewiring top leaders to change the game is the prime directive.

Unlike other leadership, team and organizational development firms our proprietary Neurostrategy approach is designed for game-changing conversations.

We help companies and executives, like you, find unexpected solutions, creating advantages that lead to a profitable course of action.

There are four types
of coaches…

Which one is right for you?

Most coaches focus on communication and EQ, but not the problem behind the problem.

These coaches are communications specialists, and if you want basic block-and-tackle skills they’ll develop your emotional intelligence, hold you accountable for your actions, and worship at the alter of generic personality assessments. Which is all well and good if you work in a slow change environment, and are comfortable staying in The Status Quo. But the problem with this type of coaching is that recurrent or deeply entrenched behaviors driven by the unconscious Shut Down Syndrome don’t change with this approach.

Good coaches work toward collaboration, but not higher levers of change.

A small group of coaches have good track-records and offer you models and methods that are good for moving you toward collaboration. But they have a tough job changing unconscious behavior and getting to the core of team trust issues. Their focus is on collaboration, and they don’t deal with the higher levers of change – which is the opposite of the least effort, maximum gain approach that multiplies your resources and provides game-changing insights. However, if getting on the same page as your coworkers is all you need, this may be the way to go. But bear in mind that these coaches aren’t strategic thinkers, so they don’t give you with the power-moves to influence, or the power to transform. Which means that you and your team’s relationship with The Shut Down Syndrome may or may not change.

Former executives have industry and position knowledge to share, but not strategies for current disruptions.

A growing group of coaches are former exec’s turned coach and mentor. They know their subject matter very well because have inside knowledge and personal experience of their industry. So if you’re problem is external, and in alignment with their arena of expertise, they could be the way to go. But if you approach them with left-field disruptions, twists, turns and personnel issues that they haven’t dealt with before, it’s hit or miss if their instinct will seek out and destroy your advancement-blocking Shut Down Syndrome.

The best coaches are strategic advantage makers who shift The Shut Down Syndrome and make radical transformations in your brain, environment and arena of power.

If you want to play at a fundamentally different level with high-velocity influence, ingenuity, and impact, you need to focus on shifting The Shut Down Syndrome. That’s why I give my clients the mindset and leading-edge thinking they need to be a multiplier and game changer. Collaboration and communication show up naturally from this higher status vantage point. But it doesn’t stop there: recurrent and intractable problems are dealt with and resolved with speed and elegance, resulting in greater influence, power and good judgment.

How Fast Can You Expect Improvement?

Other Coaching Methods

Change Takes Time

They say you have to be ready for change…well that’s true if you don’t know how to operate at brain speed…  They say change takes time…well, that may be true, but it could be that their framework unintentionally keeps you persisting in
what doesn’t work.

Feinberg Neurostrategy

Speed Matters

At our first session the right shifts will begin.  Your brain likes to do things fast…and we will…think about it, when you know how to do something well you do it fast. One exec was smart but not fast enough, he was getting run over and being left behind, and his team was not going quick enough, until his brain shifted the game into fast forward.

Will you be prepared for the future, now?

Other Coaching Methods

Following Your Lead

Many coaches, who are good at rapport follow the lead of their clients, chemistry is important but will only get you so far, and maybe not far enough.

Feinberg Neurostrategy

Strategic Thought Partner

Thinking strategically is a big time game changer. Just working hard on problems is not being strategic. You need to get ahead of the situation…Anticipation…like having a set of bright headlights that enable you to see 100 yards further ahead than the usual headlights in the darkest locations, and  with all the rapid change and uncertainty around curves you will need to be equipped.

Where do you get the most leverage?

Other Coaching Methods

Event Driven

Personalities and circumstances capture our attention in the events of our lives. Most coaches believe they are the predominant cause of conflicts leaders face. And in some cases they are, but what if you change out the people and the problems persist? And what if your best efforts are being neutralized? It won’t be solved at the event level, you must look elsewhere.

Feinberg Neurostrategy

Invisible Structural Forces

65% of change efforts fail because the underlying structure has an allergic reaction to attempted solutions. Persistence, continuing to do what doesn’t work, won’t work. Learning how to see the invisible structural patterns in the organization, the team and the leader will provide you the most leverage to resolve problems and create advantages.

What’s going to create the exact advantages you need?

Other Coaching Methods

Accountability Partner

 Everyone wants accountability, yet pushing may actually make things worse. With the accountability hammer approach, every problem looks like a nail. You actually need a different strategic interaction. Furthermore, do you really need someone to check up on you to do what you say you are going to do to make things better?

Feinberg Neurostrategy

Elegant Solutions to Complex Problems

Elegant solutions are maximum desired effect with the smallest or least effort. Like a trim tab, a small rudder on an Ocean Liners rudder that turns the huge boat rapidly. Rather than persisting in counterproductive wasteful effort and behavior, we will create or use levers to shift the odds in your favor.

Do you know how to increase influence and reduce resistance in the brain?

Other Coaching Methods


Most break-downs are recognized as communications problems. Unfortunately common sense, block and tackle training programs will not change behavior

Feinberg Neurostrategy

Brain Frames

Using pragmatic neuroscience, you and I, will establish persuasive conversations you need with your boss, other leaders, your peers, your direct reports. Know how to speak to brains so you can capture their attention to  triggers decisions, influence outcomes and change behavior.

Do you want to actually advance or just make progress?

Other Coaching Methods


Most focus on making improvement, and measure themselves from how much better they are from where they started. You don’t get enough points for doing better if you do not cross the finish line.

Feinberg Neurostrategy


You need to Advance, not just progress… Like any advancement and advances in technology and society there is a real shift and upgrading. When the stakes are high the results have to show substantial gains. Create forward movement and momentum, those who win are momentum players.

Do you know how to create game changing interactions?

Other Coaching Methods

Get Better

Of course you want to get better, but most of the advice is either at the margins or being bolder and persisting in the face of adversity – so the solution will be inadequate or you will feel inadequate and add unnecessary stress. What if you are playing the wrong game, being bold may only exacerbate the situation. Or, you might not just have to get better but do things differently to change the game, this  challenge will be harder to meet without the specific know how.

Feinberg Neurostrategy

Become a Multiplier

The road to hell is paved with mishandled interactions. You don’t need to make sticky problems stickier. Knowing how to create game changing interactions is pivotal. Boosting your shift IQ will produce real advantages and multiply your gains.

Can You Create Advantages?

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