Are you an influencer at work?

Susan Charles, an Advantage-Maker school principal, has a distinct way of responding to colleagues and peers who make recommendations to solve problems.  Her response is, “Convince Me.”
“That way”, she said, ” I know they have thought out the issue, found a way to make a case, and if it was well designed it was fine with me that they knew more than i did. And i decide to try their approach.”
She wasn’t trying to block the idea, rather she wanted a rigorous well thought out argument that she could agree with.
How better off would leaders and entrepreneurs be if they had open minds and said ‘convince me’ to their employees. Of course, if you are not convinced the presenter goes back to the drawing board.
Convincing is a real competency. One that can be improved. Your ability to convince others is critical to the perception that you are an A player, an influencer, someone who can influence at work.