Are you influencing?

There are five pivotal platforms of perception. Each of these platforms provides an opportunity for you to get your point across skillfully. I’ve found that most of us, moi included, inadvertently bungle opportunity, or don’t see possibilities that skillful eyes spot almost immediately. This is especially true when it comes to influencing others.
First, Product Influence: nuances in messaging can turn customers on – or inadvertently turn them off. This applies to your Point of Purchase, new product introductions, or similar activities. One message shift achieved a 545% increase in sales, and reduced mistakes that were driving away customers. The company wasn’t placing the product in the right context for the customer to consider. First establish the context before you make a request. 
Second, Promotion influence: tapping naturally occurring ‘decision triggers’ motivate customers to buy now, not later. One easy shift, based upon seeing what was missing, produced an immediate 45% increase in sales. This had been overlooked in plain sight.

Third, Program influence: manage customer touch-points so that each “influence-ready moment” builds upon the last.  This applies to your in-store merchandising, sampling programs, etc. One specific campaign we ran achieved a 33% response rate when the industry standard was only 3%. This was to C level executives in New York City’s Financial District, one month after 9/11 when no one was supposed to be buying. Kind of like now. We questioned the business as usual mode and applied simple, easy, fast influence levers. 

If you would like the full report send me an email at It is an 8 page step-by-step of how we did more with less, achieving unexpected results, and how you might also.

Fourth, Perpetual influence: targeting the “moments of truth” that influence your customer experience and drive brand perception every single day. This is where customer decision triggers impact in-store experience and customer facing interactions in most any industry, online and brick and mortar. We performed an influence audit and recommend ways to manage the customers experience. 

Fifth, Personal Influence: your professional ability to influence others shouldn’t be overlooked. You must know how to influence people. Are you perceived as influential? Your leadership is at stake.  You probably weren’t born with the complete tool set although you were born equipped to learn it fast.  Acquiring the Advantage-Makers secret tactics to instant influence will change you from loser to winner. 
I’m just finishing up the new book on The Secrets to Instant Influence: Revealing the Advantage-Makers Influence Tactics.