Client Gains

Advantage Maker programs have turned around ailing organizations, teams, and leaders, including:

Advantage-Making Executive Coaching


  • Coached a CEO as part of creating a high performance team from a low performing team.
  • Coached a CEO to align the organization from a conflicting team structure.
  • Coached a COO from a yeller and screamer into an encourager and advantage-maker, he liked it, the org really noticed and performed extraordinarily well.
  • Coached a CFO from a hard head, about to be fired into collaborative member of the executive team.
  • Coached a COO, President from arrogant, intimidating, non-collaborative behavior into the collaborative leader for the company.
  • Coached a CFO to lead his business from a losing position to winning business.
  • Coached a high potential executive gain a promotion and multiplied impact on the organization.
  • Transformed a VP Finance about to be fired because of a must-get-rid of million dollar liability into the most desired leader to work for in the company.
  • Coached a VP Sales on a performance improvement program about to be fired into resolving conflicts and keeping his position.
  • Coached a VP Quality to improve her influence moving her CEO from approving 60% of her requests to over 80% of her requests, and the CEO said she was making a bigger contribution.
  • Coached a Director who was in trouble to resolve those issues and then be promoted to a higher level with more responsibility and have a bigger impact.

Advantage-Making Executive Coaching


  • Transformed an executive unaligned team to resolve difference and establish strategic direction that the organization could and did act upon.
  • Transformed a low performing tech team into a high performing tech team, production accelerated, market windows that had been missed big were now consistently met.
  • Transformed an IT team resolved conflicts, agreed upon operating methodology and improved performance

Organizational-Shift & Business Alignment

  • Produced a 33% response rate where the industry standard was 3% and it was right after 9-11 in New York City’s Financial District when no one was buying.
  • Implementing a customer acquisition, retention, and growth program that generated a $4 million revenue boost to a company that was losing customers daily.
  • Structural conflicts resolved within Data Center
  • Enabling a non-adaptive technology organization in the midst of a major economic downturn, corporate RIF, and hiring freeze to save $1.5 million and rapidly adapt to the changes supporting its successful implementation of a major global ERP system.

Strategy Facilitation

  • Led multiple strategic off-sites for executive teams, developing working strategies and implementation plans
  • Led strategic integration offsite for 3 companies, reducing conflicts and aligning structures
  • Led strategic offsite for Engineering Department, developed momentum plan for implementation
  • Led strategic offsite for Marketing Department, established direction
  • Led strategic offsite for IT department, resolving conflicts and establishing alignment

Speeches & Workshops

  • Advantage-Making for National Advertisers Forum
  • Keynote for University
  • Advantage-Making Brain for CIO group
  • Leader-Shift for tech exec’s
  • As a leader you need to provide the right trajectory, velocity and magnitude of results. Are you stacking the deck in your favor, or are you at a disadvantage and need to change?