Happy Birthday America – The Great Shift

Happy Independence Day –

It’s 1776 and the colonists are pondering the concept.
What a brave group of people to shift from subjects to citizens as Thomas Jefferson penned in the Declaration of Independence.
America was born out of a fundamental shift from monarchy to democracy.
The Founders and their family, friends and colonial colleagues were all part of a great shift.
While not accepted without a war for our independence, the mothers and fathers of our Independence
moved us from disadvantage to advantage. They prepared a platform for all future movements toward
freedom of thought and action.
We thank them and all who contributed to and continue to support the fundamental shift.
The real fireworks was in the consciousness of the leaders who took a stand in the face of the forces against progress and humanity’s good will.
As we continue our journey, more and different shifts retain and expand our freedom of, by and for consciousness
This is real growth.
It’s 2010 and America is appreciating the great shift
Shifting is America’s birthright.