President Obama is an Advantage-Maker Leader

Obama wins. Transforms the election process, and the country. Change has won.

Not just words. Obama is a game changer.
Hope took action, let’s take an Advantage-Makers (the code of Advantage-Maker is non-partisan)
view of how he did it.  Dreams have come true, but this is no ordinary dreamer, he’s practical.
First, financing his campaign through small internet donors
Second, generating a huge grass roots movement, incredible word of mouth interactions from the bottom-up
Third, a 50 state campaign to expand the map, not the usual 18 states. This in itself changed the game.
Fourth, his command presence demonstrated during the economic melt down; steady, command over the issues
Fifth, ground game during the actual election, momentum management moving the voters:early voting and Nov 4th
Sixth, language. Obama’s command over language enables him to influence perception, inspiring hope
Seventh, he got ahead, shifting time, anticipated the Iraq war mistake.
Eighth, economic meltdown is met w/Obama structural programs to get America to work, stabilizing the economy
Obama demonstrated all the elements of Advantage-Makers during the election.
Now we will see him apply it during his administration
Shifting time creates possibilities
Shifting interactions changes the game
Shifting perception influences outcomes
Shifting structures shapes behavior.
Keep your eye on how he shifts time, interactions, perceptions, and  structures.