Strategic Executive Team Offsite Brings Team Together

A senior management team was not moving in the same direction and needed to get on the same page and establish an implementation plan. Their complaint was that this had been going on for way too long!


Attempted Solutions before Steven Feinberg, Inc.:The CEO had tried for several years to get everyone on the same page, yet still some team members focused only on where they were going, while others argued about their immediate difficulties. The attempted mediations had become political and divisive.


Working with the CEO and HR executive, we designed a strategic offsite that would get everyone on board and moving in the same direction. Employing a proprietary, productive, collaboration methodology, I orchestrated a two-day meeting to address the strategic and execution issues for the organization. At the end of the offsite when the CEO thanked everyone, he also said he finally felt we had achieved his goal and was astonished that the method we used had helped in such an accelerated manner. The CFO, who was a 20-year seasoned manager, added that in her entire career, she hadn’t been to another offsite that had addressed contentious, high stakes in a such a meaningful, inclusive and effective manner. She said most team offsites were “kumbiya focused,” while in this meeting we engaged in strategic dialogue that produced results and paradoxically had bonded the team together at a higher level of functioning and trust.

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