You are an urgencist ™, aren’t you?

Breaking news. You mind is urgently revealing breaking news to you.

No, listen to your thoughts, what are you thinking about,

right now in your mind, without reading any further.
What you just thought is what is urgent to you.
You don’t necessarily take action on every thought, but
in the province of the mind, your thinking is what is urgent.
Your breaking news may not be on the TV news stations or
social media blogs but your thoughts have grabbed your attention
on the big screen news feed, in 3D within your mind.
So what is urgent to you?
Hungry, tired, desiring, more cash, more friends, one special friend,
better leadership, better follower-ship, making the sale, getting the job,
improving conditions at work or home, your health: What is urging you?
We are all urgencist’s ™ – we respond to what is most urgent in our minds.
Sometimes we overrule the thoughts but often our thoughts are reactions to what
isn’t working or what we perceive as most desirable or a best solution to
a problem or opportunity.
Urges, urgency, and urgent are all part of life, business, professional, personal
I’m not talking about emergencies that require life saving responses.
Urgency is a pressing importance, a pressing necessity.
In our minds, our thoughts act as if urgent, grabbing our attention, indispensable,
at least until the next urgent thought arises.
We take action on what we deem most urgent, don’t we?
We are an urgent species. While it is true we rise above our instincts and
quell our emotions, our urges – the good, bad and ugly are all still there
disclosed in our evolution and sophisticated urges.
What i urge you to consider is that the what is urgent to you is
reflected in what your model of the world thinks is possible and
what you think is probable – they are not always the same.
If your life is not what you want it to be, it most likely is because what
you believe to be urgent is acting like an anchor and diminishing your
experience and results.
If you are not able to influence your prospect, its because your haven’t
spoken to her, in the urgent ways she speaks to herself.
When you upgrade your urgencies the quality of your life upgrades as well.
Just remember the last vacation, the time when you just zoned out, took
a breather, felt refreshed, gained an easier perspective, a simpler approach.
Having shifted from the usual location or activity, you open to new urges
or reminders of what really matters.
On a daily basis the question becomes, what urges are worth your time?
And if you are influencing someone, how to tap the urgencies within them so
they perceive your offering an urgent solution.
There is a structure to urgency. Its the single biggest leverage that every great
advantage-maker has unconsciously employed in their pursuits.
We won’t stop the urges or perceived urgencies, there will always be something more,
but we might shift the odds in our favor when we shift the choice of
our urgencies.