4 critical advantage-making strategies

When it comes to creating advantages it pays to know what you are after.

There are 4 major criteria that should guide your efforts.
1. Faster – Does your product/service accelerate the sale? Retailer use accelerators all the time.
Does your leadership accelerate the needed change?
2. Easier – Is it easier to use your product than the competitors? ie. Mac’s vs. PC.
As a manager are you making your messages easy to take action on?
3. Simpler –  Does your offer simplify the lives of users? It’s been said that the future belongs to the simplifiers.
This does not mean simplistic. Google makes internet search simple, easy, fast.
4. Multipliers – this is the king of advantage-making, creating leverage and your edge.  How can you leverage your existing resources? What is a 180 degree shift from the conventional approach that will fundamentally change the game?
Ipods bring more value to the users.
Do you want a cup of coffee or do you want Starbucks?
Barack Obama’s Presidential campaign mobilizes millions of young people through Facebook. One supporter can make multiple contacts in seconds, and its rallying and engaging the youth of America.
Recessions put most at a disadvantage.
Accept the disadvantage or become an Advantage-Maker.
Take advantage of the recession and leverage your resources. Think about tactics that can multiply and make customers and followers lives easier, faster and simpler.
Remember MEFS (multiplier, easier, faster, simplifier).