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    9 out of 10 execs were 3X more impactful
    9 out of 10 leaders were 5x more influential at critical times
    8 out of 10 achieved big promotions

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You need power, influence & impact to change the game…

My job is to defeat the Number 1 foe of leaders. Organizations Google, Oracle and Linkedin hire me as a Neurostrategist to advance their senior leaders and teams. In the face of real obstacles I’ve helped them make transformations that have gained over $100 million.

Today’s disruptions leave conventional coaching methodologies out in the cold. They simply can’t keep up. Your brain resists change. Game-changing leaders must develop the new sense known as sagacity to overcome the status quo bias in order to:

  • See what others don’t,
  • Do what others say can’t be done
  • Persuade others to see and do what they said wouldn’t happen.

You and I will have high velocity, high value game changing conversations and use Neurostrategy to rewire to increase their influence, power and impact.

Steven Feinberg’s Neurostrategy
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Ask yourself this:

Am I advancing forward, holding ground, or falling backward? If it’s not forward, how will I protect my leadership position?