How are you perceived? Increaser or knocker

Perception is outcome.

How people perceive you results in the outcomes you get.
I had a distant relative who was always knocking others down.
He found what was wrong in everything. It wasn’t that he was completely wrong,
its that he squashed the hope of young ideas and young dreams.
I didn’t much like being around him.
Neither did most of my relatives. They called him the knocker.
It was a terrible tag.
He taught me a lesson on what not to do with my life.
Whenever i get down on someone or a new idea, i think,
don’t be a knocker.
Contrast the knocker with the increaser
A young intern sits around the dinner table, like so many young adults at so many dinner tables.
He wants more from his internship. More excitement, more fulfillment, more money.
Is he wrong to want more?
Does he or she have to learn their place in the pecking order, put in their dues?
The young intern wants to be in charge. Youth in its irrepressible full glory.
I say Yes to their desire for increase, their desire to grow.
Nature says yes to growth, look around at the abundance of flowers and
verdant green growth for confirmation.
We want to affirm their desire for more, for increase, for multiplying their contribution.
And the best message you can convey to your ‘youth’ is to be a person who grows.
If they want to be successful, they must align themselves with growth, inner and outer.
Ask your young intern sitting around the dinner table,
“Who do you want to be around?”
Someone who diminishes you, who knocks you,  or someone who increases your hopes, dreams.
When they are perceived as the person who creates more for others,
they themselves will win and be able to run things,
as CEO, as leader, as professional, as contributor, as teacher,
Opportunities and gains will swing open to them.
Advantage-Makers are increasers
First comes the desire for more.
Simultaneously, comes the concept of self as an increaser,
 I am an increaser
I increase value, I build, I grow, I multiply the value to others.
Let’s here it for the increasers for they inhabit the earth.