The tactics of Gain

Gain, its at the core of everything we are after – whether pleasure, profit, or peace.

But how many of us really understand the tactics of Gain.
Gamblers understand the reality of winning and losing.
They bet they will gain or they wouldn’t play.
You are betting on gains in your stock portfolio.
You are betting on gains in your job.
Gains and losses are visceral.
My Dad was always gaining even when things didn’t work out.
Take the hit and move forward.
There is no time like the present to create the future
Those were all useful gains to appreciate and make part of life.
How do you gain insight into difficult challenges?
How can you gain by letting go?
These questions really go to the essence of being and becoming an Advantage-Maker.
When you can perceive gain and loss in a useful perspective you can adapt and create more effectively.
This is not just about resilience.
You can take everything you have and multiply and amplify the goodness.
If you have not appreciated what you have and then do appreciate it, you have just gained, and life is good.
You can gain in attitude, performance, outcome, experience, better strategy, better approach.
Tactics that gain.
Gain by making things simpler, making things faster, making things easier, making things more meaningful.
Here’s a week long task:
1. At the end of every day for the next 7 days identify what you have gained.
2) You can use the lens of faster, easier, simpler, meaningful, multiplied.
3) if you failed that day, and it happens to the best of us, what did you gain from that?
4) If you succeeded, enjoy the gain, it will multiply in meaning and your brain will want to
keep you on this gain track.
Failure as it relates to gain is not some Jedi mind trick or semantics –
you might have gained something invaluable.
Complaints will go nowhere unless you do something about it.
Did you learn not to do something in that failure?
I’ve asked my clients in the past to fail forward.
Let’s say you were trying to get more referrals but your efforts were less than adequate.
Did you learn to improve the way you approach the situation?
Can you improve how you use language to get referrals?
Did you learn that you need to ask for help?
What ever the effort you got a result – whether good, bad or …
Take a moment and make it a gain – not to deny the failure, but to make it a useful gain.
Advantage-Makers fail more quickly and learn faster than most.
You see, if your orientation is gain, then our failure can lead to something better.
By letting go of what didn’t work, you gain.
If you are lucky, you learn to stay with the unknown and open the door to the original
If our attitude is stinky, then the failure will only make it worse.
Don’t deny the reality, gain from reality.
And for those existential zen oriented, not wanting anything is a gain it itself.
so let me know if you develop a zen koan for gain.
I will be doing this exercise as well and hope to multiply my gains.
Shift the odds in your favor by orienting toward profitable gains.