Leadership Judgment: Get it right or lose

Leaders are judged by their judgment.

Here are the 5 Core judgments of advantage-making leaders.

These judgments become a force multiplier to outstanding results.

Are you providing this for your people?
1. Direction
Where are you going? Provide a target and time. Keep your eye on the prize.
2. Protection
Credible defense against external and internal threats. Provide strategies against competitive designs. Resolve internal conflicts skillfully and quickly.
3. Action
Create movement and manage momentum. Determine what is hierarchically most important. Orchestrate resources to hit specific targets.
4. Interaction
Game changing interactions. Provide skillful collaboration to avoid the road to hell which is paved with mishandled interactions. Manage the network of interactions.
5. Intention
Play to win rather than playing to avoid losing. Provide a generative orientation that drives results. Minimize reactive tendencies.
These are the daily judgments leaders must check to create winning organizations.