Recovery is in the winners hands

The recovery required both structural and perception changes.

A number of structural changes have been designed and implemented.
And these forces will continue to  work in the midst of uncertainty
But what can you do?
This is tough but the question now for the economy, and your personal economy
is what energy do you associate with?

With the winners or the losers.
Winners resonate a can do mentality, they are proactive. They don’t deny reality but they don’t play to the naysayers.
Who do you want to do business with? The naysayers or the resilient who perceive the opportunity that others don’t see?
It’s time for each of us to influence the perception that we can do and will do.
Perception drives behavior and controversy gets headlines.
We are beyond predominantly structural problems.
I do believe we must keep the stimulus flowing.
Best remedy for you individually is find ways that are working for you.
Small, medium or large.
Don’t buy the naysayers
Shift the game. Your personal energy is what people first notice.
Shift the question with potential customers. Instead of what can you do for me, ask What can I do for you now?
I can attest to the reality that shifting your energy shifts the interactions fundamentally, and our ability to perceive opportunity