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Thought Leadership (thought leading) in Meetings

(466 words, 4 minutes to read, a lifetime to ponder, today to implement) You are in a meeting…yes another one…it’s even a well run meeting…you build on each others ideas…controversial issues are addressed…decisions are made…accountabilities are assigned…action is taken…sign me up…you don’t even have to pinch yourself into reality… Here is the question: Did you […]

The Language of a Thought Leader’s Brain

When you listen, do you hear time? The past, the present, the future. When we speak we unconsciously reference time frames And more substantially, we direct ourselves and others to shift time based upon our language. How are you doing today?  Time frame is present How did it go yesterday? Time frame is past How […]

A Thought Leaders Brain..do others turn to you for your opinions?

You may find yourself nodding or shaking your head today at someone else’s comments. In every business, on every talk show, at every meeting we want to know what the Opinion Leader thinks. In the meeting our brains are consciously or unconsciously waiting to hear what the person with the most status in the room […]

The Neuro-Shifts of Advantage-Making

Your brain is a social organ… Research has shown the same brain regions that directly indicate you are experiencing physical pain also indicate when you have been socially rejected…. OUCH In your instinctive brain (brainstem), your well being is handled (fortunately)…and at times mishandled(survival fight or flight) In your emotional brain (midbrain), your interactions are effective (good […]

# 42, Jackie Robinson – The Advantage-Maker

“Can you do it? Can you do it?” asked Branch Rickey during his hiring interview of Jackie Robinson testing his heart, desire and inner fortitude. The recent release of the movie 42, the story of Brooklyn Dodger Jackie Robinson’s heroic entrance into a racist all white professional baseball game in 1947 – America’s game, was […]

Apollo 13 and The Physics of Advantage-Making

How did they get the Apollo 13 astronauts back safely after the near disaster in space? Remember the scene: deep space, spacecraft breaking apart, oxygen running out, producing more CO2 than can be handled by the crew. A deadly situation. And then the Director of Operations Control brings the remaining parts that exist on the […]

You are an urgencist ™, aren’t you?

Breaking news. You mind is urgently revealing breaking news to you. Think. No, listen to your thoughts, what are you thinking about, right now in your mind, without reading any further. What you just thought is what is urgent to you. You don’t necessarily take action on every thought, but in the province of the […]

Steve Jobs: A Ding in the Universe

Steve Jobs created the ‘ding in the universe’ he so desired.   When my book, The Advantage-makers: how exceptional leaders win by creating opportunities others don’t, was published in 2007, I also announced the FIRST Advantage-Maker of The Year Award: Steve Jobs He was a transformational pioneer & game changer. A profound learner who as […]

Fastest way to the Moon

Fastest Way to the Moon   Accelerate.  Velocity is know-how Efficiency indicates intelligence Those in the know go fast, those who don’t go slow. Tai Chi masters movements are efficient, smooth and ready for lightning fast moves   How to untie the Gordian Knot when your future depends on it? Cut it.   Complexity belongs […]

How are you perceived? Increaser or knocker

Perception is outcome. How people perceive you results in the outcomes you get. I had a distant relative who was always knocking others down. He found what was wrong in everything. It wasn’t that he was completely wrong, its that he squashed the hope of young ideas and young dreams. I didn’t much like being […]