Obama is an Advantage-Maker

The Democratic Presidential race will have historical consequences.

Your decision will pick the next POTUS.
Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.
The choice has generated huge turnout, especially with the Democrats.
In the Republican race John McCain is the presumptive nominee.
We each have our own criteria for selecting our POTUS. Judgment is core in my opinion.
Hillary is a competent manager, a problem solver.
Barack is a leader, an Advantage-Maker.
Both aptitudes are important.
Aside from the politics, that, in part, is why their language is so different.
Hillary is moving the parts forward, Barack is a fundamental game changer.
Each approaches obstacles differently. 
Problem solvers get rid of what was broken.
Advantage-Makers create opportunities that others don’t see.
They operate on different logical levels.
Problem solvers see what is probable, based upon what has been.
Advantage-Makers see what is possible, based upon what can be created
Bottom line: Advantage-Makers interact with the world differently – they transform it.
Wouldn’t it be great to have the judgment of an Advantage-Maker in the White House?