The top three actions followers want from a leader during a recession

The top three things followers want from a leader during a recession.

1. Followers want to know you see reality as clearly as they do, and that you can find a way through the difficult and dangerous patch beyond just belt tightening. Cutting cost tells them they may be next.  Now is the time to demonstrate that you are a leader who consistently sees possibilities others miss. Now is the time to learn more, learn faster, and transform your insights into breakaway strategies. Not easy, but a requirement.  
2. Let them know a human being is steering the ship, not just a numbers cruncher. From this they will determine how secure their job is, and if they should be looking out for themselves or for the company. So be visible, not hidden in rooms where people become numbers to be crunched and eliminated. Now is the time to teach!!!!  For leaders this is mostly about influence. Teach your followers to effectively collaborate, help them become better at handling adversity, encourage their resiliency. 
3. Your voice, do you convey command presence. Your every move is being watched more closely. And even more importantly how you sound! You credibility is on the line. Pretending everything is fine doesn’t convey confidence. At the same time, acting as if the sky is falling is just as debilitating. When you speak, the non-verbals are telling the truth.  If you don’t already know how to support your voice so that it conveys command presence – learn quickly. It doesn’t take long but it travels a long way