The tactics of Gain

Gain, its at the core of everything we are after – whether pleasure, profit, or peace. But how many of us really understand the tactics of Gain. Gamblers understand the reality of winning and losing. They bet they will gain or they wouldn’t play. You are betting on gains in your stock portfolio. You are […]

The advantage-making tactic of shifting; the advantage of tactical shifting

People have been asking me why all this focus on shifting? The implication is we don’t want to rock the boat in a storm. While that is true, there are a couple of real world consequences. 1) 60% of opportunity is wasted on a daily basis because of failed shifts 2) A reactive mode produces […]

Internships: The advantage of experience cycles

You are an intern at a company. Your boss doesn’t ever seem to have the time for you, he just tells you to do work you consider boring and worthless. And truth be told he’d say the same thing. You still have time left in the internship to make it all worthwhile. Which is most […]

Leadership default creates uncertainty

Everyone, right, left, middle and overseas is upset with the political leadership of the USA. The Debt ceiling game has placed our country, and the world, on the precipice of economic calamity. For what? A principled stand perhaps. Or a misguided notion of what the debt and debt ceiling represents? The debt represents money already […]

Captain Picard on entrepreneurship

Engage! spoken from the helm of the Spaceship Enterprise And from the commanding vantage point on planet Earth, W.H Murray of the Scottish Himalayan Expedition spoke on creating and initiative: “Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary […]

How did Ken Kec do it?

How did Ken Kec do it? (got 4 minutes? Here it is)   Last week, I asked if you were Ken Kec, metaphorically. Are you the person in the room to whom everyone listened? The person who put his/her finger on the essence of the issue that was non-arguable. Ken had command presence, not in ordering […]

Are you Ken Kec?

Many years ago I was consulting to HBO & Co., no, not that HBO, the healthcare software corporation. Their National Sales V.P. was Ken Kec, a Czech with a great sense of humor. But more importantly, in the middle of a debate he was the person in the room everyone listens to. And not because he […]

Social Network:Facebook

I live a few blocks from Facebook. I play a bit on Facebook. Tonight we went to see the Social Network movie all about the inception, the originality of the social network medium and growth of Facebook, and mostly the founding genius Mark Zuckerberg. The reports of fiction or non-fiction and type of personality are […]

1-800 Contacts: a great example of advantage-making that pays off instantly

This is not an ad. It is a note to say thank you to both 1-800-Contacts, the business, and to Jennifer, the service representative, in particular. And the thank you is specifically an appreciation of their individual and business Advantage-Making culture and skill. I was calling to re-order my contacts. A small chore, but I […]

Putting yourself at a disadvantage

Part of what drove me to write The Advantage-Makers is what I perceived as unnecessary waste of effort and opportunity. Many people put themselves at a disadvantage, and they do so unwittingly. You can be a leader, a mom, a dad, a brother or sister, a fireman or police officer, whatever your career or family roles there […]