Have you been overlooking opportunity right in front of you?

Some advantages are created organically, while others are by design. Organic solutions are created in the natural course of events – think cup to hold water, and answer the question: i need something that will …., what could do it? Design solutions are by intent and strategic – think smart phones, bluetooth or apps for […]

What advantages does your leadership really provide?

“If you are not creating advantages you will probably lose to someone who is” The entire effort of your leadership ought to be targeted at creating advantages. Advantage-Making Leaders create advantages that: 1)  encourage followers, 2) influence outcomes, 3) create forward movement, and  4) increases opportunity   When your boss, colleagues and people who report to you […]

Recovery is in the winners hands

The recovery required both structural and perception changes. A number of structural changes have been designed and implemented. And these forces will continue to  work in the midst of uncertainty But what can you do? This is tough but the question now for the economy, and your personal economy is what energy do you associate […]

Lebron James – superstar or champion?

Lebron signs with the Miami Heat to win a championship, taking less money. What stood out the most was his comment, In this league, you become a superstar individually, You become a champion as a team – I know the history of the game. Are you trying to be a superstar or a champion?  

Happy Birthday America – The Great Shift

Happy Independence Day – It’s 1776 and the colonists are pondering the concept. What a brave group of people to shift from subjects to citizens as Thomas Jefferson penned in the Declaration of Independence. America was born out of a fundamental shift from monarchy to democracy. The Founders and their family, friends and colonial colleagues […]

Accelerate your performance in these uncertain times

Each day the choice is ours. Advantage or Disadvantage. Sometimes we are more fortunate and things go our way, as if the stars are aligned. Other times we have to make it happen. All you have to do to confirm this is watch the World Cup or Olympics They prepare and are ready. But folks […]

Obama’s State of the Union – Rate the President’s Shift IQ (SQ)

During President Obama’s State of the Union (SOTU), I suggest you pay attention with a different lens. Evaluate his message through the vantage point of an Advantage-Maker. This is not a political partisan rating but an independent view of the state of his advantage-making. Rate President Obama’s Shift IQ. Advantage-Makers are strategic shifters. They interact […]

Obama and the Olympics: How Power, Persuasion and Structural Forces at Play really determined RIO’s Win

What are the daily influences on our lives? The three main influences are a) people in power, b) persuasive communicators and c) structural forces at play.  Let’s identify the three: People in power is pretty clear – those in authority in both private and public arena. CEO’s and executives, President Obama and Congress, and non-profit leaders. […]

Are you an influencer at work?

Susan Charles, an Advantage-Maker school principal, has a distinct way of responding to colleagues and peers who make recommendations to solve problems.  Her response is, “Convince Me.” “That way”, she said, ” I know they have thought out the issue, found a way to make a case, and if it was well designed it was […]

Health Care Reform was Framed

What are the facts of the health care debate? With all the coverage we should know by now. But most of what we know is government takeover, death panels, and bureaucrats rationing care. Of course, there has been the Democratic effort to refute this as falsifying the facts. And reality, in my opinion, is that […]