Managing Interactions: How to Make Things Worse

Managing interactions is imperative for more than just service businesses. All companies, including high-tech and product companies, must manage interactions as well. Whether they are direct interpersonal contacts with the customer or the user interface on your computer. Take Google. You interact with the company through your computer. Google’s interface is simple, easy, fast and multiplies […]

President Obama is an Advantage-Maker Leader

Obama wins. Transforms the election process, and the country. Change has won. Not just words. Obama is a game changer. Hope took action, let’s take an Advantage-Makers (the code of Advantage-Maker is non-partisan) view of how he did it.  Dreams have come true, but this is no ordinary dreamer, he’s practical. First, financing his campaign […]

Influencing your customers, peers and bosses

Decision Triggers: My 2 Cents Worth You brain makes lightning fast connections. And equally fast decision triggers. A single reliable piece of information that instantly makes judgments. For example, buy low sell high. Instant trigger. Knowing the triggers can influence people to say yes to your request. Here is how it works. I call it […]

Recession Headwinds. Can you find a tailwind?

Headwinds. That’s what you are up against. It stresses you and your people. It would be great if in the midst of all this chaos you could find a tailwind. Many motivational speakers encourage you to have a positive attitude, get rid of your negative attitude. Not a bad idea, but will attitude positive or […]

A quick reminder from Wayne Gretsky

Recessions are slippery ice. No one knew how to score better on ice than Wayne Gretsky. Arguably the greatest hockey player of all time, Wayne Gretsky scored more goals, 894, than anyone else. How did he do it? And how can he teach us to score on slippery ice? Gretsky was an Advantage-Maker. Fundamentally, Advantage-Makers interact with […]

Recession protection guide for organizational leaders

Millions were made during the Great Depression.  To position yourself to win,  consider shifting, or more specifically, the consequences of not shifting. – As your market shifts can you shift fast enough? – As your customer’s request change, asking more for less, can you multiply value so they stay with you rather than with your competition? […]

Rx for Tough Times: Managing Interactions

What’s the biggest hidden killer of business? It’s central to leadership, sales, influence, persuasion, marketing, performance, doing more with less, getting stuff done on time, taking the right tack, and outwitting your competition in the midst of economic uncertainty. This is not a trick question. It’s knowing how to manage interactions. The road to hell […]

Leadership Judgment: Get it right or lose

Leaders are judged by their judgment. Here are the 5 Core judgments of advantage-making leaders. These judgments become a force multiplier to outstanding results. Are you providing this for your people?   1. Direction Where are you going? Provide a target and time. Keep your eye on the prize. 2. Protection Credible defense against external and internal […]

How does your Time IQ influence your advantage-making? Identify your profile

As one of the four levers for advantage-making, shifting time is the most fluid. You shift time to create possibilities. TIVO has shifted time on your television viewing. Walt Disney envisioned Disney World by imagining a future in Orlando, Florida, and then making it a reality. You can identify your own time profile or time […]

The top three actions followers want from a leader during a recession

The top three things followers want from a leader during a recession. 1. Followers want to know you see reality as clearly as they do, and that you can find a way through the difficult and dangerous patch beyond just belt tightening. Cutting cost tells them they may be next.  Now is the time to demonstrate […]